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Why People use Kent Driveways for planting ?

Kent Driveways design, supply and planting services are among the most knowledgeable in the industry.
The planting team are passionate, experienced and fully equipped to meet your needs.
Whether that is one special tree, hedging, screening for privacy or planting hundreds of trees.
We have a wealth of over 30 years of experience both designing and working on projects in the UK and abroad.

You may have an individual species in mind, or a whole collection of trees that you would enjoy in your garden.
You may wish Kent Driveways to help with practical considerations of soil type, shading, size, and a creative scheme based around your brief..

Supply and delivery
Kent Driveways have a long association and involvement with some of the best nurseries in the UK & Europe.
We can ensure high quality plants are selected, checked for bio-security issues, supplied, and planted with after-care.
We have our own experienced drivers to deliver the trees.

By not having a specific nursery - mainly a holding area, we can reduce costs to the client and this has worked very well for many years.
With such services we can turn a small urban space into a beautiful tree garden.


Kent Driveways have great suppliers and can provide most trees or shrubs at really great prices.

How often should I water my tree ? How do I know it is sufficiently watered ?
“If you’re thirsty, your tree probably is too!”
Once planted, the tree will need consistent moisture throughout the growing season from the end of May to the end of October.
Not large amounts of water, just every now and then.
The summer months often provide a tough dry month or two.
Typically, a water three times a week, for 3 minutes with a hosepipe over the planted root zone will aid the tree to continue growing.
Avoid watering foliage in full sun, as the heat can scorch the leaves.
You should be able to put your hand underneath the wood-chip mulch at the base of each tree and it should be moist, not wet.
If dry, increase amount of water.
If wet, decrease.


Topiary and Specimen trees



 Gnarly olive Tree



loropetalum firedance


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